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February 3, 2012
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I sat alone on the couch inside Canada's home, absentmindedly staring at the television, which was turned onto the news. It mentioned something about a child dying of cancer, a few things about America and Mexico…Things about fraud and about the economy…I couldn't remember anything about what the news said, really; I was waiting ever so patiently for Canada to come back home. Earlier today, I had read through one of my most recent diaries(Mind you! Men as awesome as me can have diaries!), and I was reminded of everything Canada has been doing with me, what he was doing for me. He basically saved me from disappearing from existence. Well I did technically disappear after my land was divided among the other countries, but after a while, Canada had brought me back by letting me live with him as a town in his country; though I didn't want to live in the town of New Prussia itself, because theres barely any buildings and all you do there is probably farming. I'm not a farmer. So I moved in with Canada. At first it was awkward, since he lived in a double-wide trailer and there was only one bedroom with a bed – he didn't even have a couch until just recently – but now Canada and I are, well, together. Like, boyfriend and…Girlish boyfriend, I guess.

After several minutes of thinking, I looked up at the clock, which read 4:30; Canada wouldn't return for another two hours. I sighed, and my gaze went out the window. It was the rare winter days here in Canada where the sun was out; the sun was now beginning to set, just barely behind the mountains. There wasn't any snow this year, which seemed odd to me. But we were in the Fraser Valley, and Canada did tell me that we were now living in the type of environment called the 'Western Cordillera', as Canada and America both call it, where the weather mainly depends on the closeness of a large body of water. I have to say, this is the best place Canada and I have lived in, besides the St. Lawrence Lowland.

I then started thinking about all the places Canada had taken me to around his country, known places and unknown places alike. Places like Nanaimo and around the Canadian shield.

Canada and some of the Inuit peoples around the St. Lawrence River tried to teach me how to speak the Inuit language. It was very embarrassing, since I completely failed at it, and since Canada was laughing at me. I admit, I thought it was funny too; mainly because the offended looks of those first nations peoples were hilarious. I felt rather idiotic after I had thought(aloud) my theory that the word 'Flabbergasted' originated from the Inuit language; Canada had went into tears from laughing so hard, and the Inuit were glaring daggers at me, as if I was mocking their language. Well I may have been mocking their language, I may have not, but I seriously did think at the time that flabbergasted originated from their language.

I remember the Canadian taking me to a theme park near Vancouver, that was called the PNE. Again, I was quite embarrassed, because I got scared on the roller coasters, the log ride, and by a stupid child that was walking by, while Canada didn't, and was laughing at my reactions and other stuff. The log ride was the WORST, since they had hidden cameras all around taking pictures and we could buy whichever one we liked the best. Well, Canada absolutely loved the one where I looked absolutely frightened and a lot like this internet meme…I think it was a mixture of the 'forever alone' face and that one rage face that is always like "FUUUUUUUUU—" It was fucking ugly, okay? I have no idea why Canada wanted to keep that one. No idea at all.

Well when it was later, Canada made me try some poutine, which I thought would've tasted absolutely disgusting, since the way it was pronounced just…sounded weird. But then I realized that it was just potatoes with gravy and some awesome Canadian cheese. So I tried it, and it was the second best Canadian food I had; pancakes was the first, of course. Well the best thing that happened at the PNE, is that I got to beat up America; he was there at the theme park for no reason at all, and he still didn't seem to remember Canada, even though he was there, in his country. I swear, I think America does that on purpose.…Don't tell me you never wanted to beat America up.

After the PNE, Canada took me to one of the not-really-known places, in the eastern British Columbia, the east Kootenays; it was some sort of old town that bored the hell out of me; but Canada seemed to be enjoying himself, so I forced myself to act like I enjoyed the place too, so I wouldn't make him feel sad.

After taking me to places like Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax, Canada had got me to try Tim Hortons(It was there, that I learned that Tim Horton was not the Prime Minister of Canada). Canada seemed to be obsessed with getting me to meet the First Nations peoples, as he had taken me to see the Sto:lo people. That time, the peoples themselves laughed when I made mistakes, unlike the peoples at the St. Lawrence River, who were deeply offended; and I also laughed with them. Well, with Canada, because I thought it'd make him happy, and it did. Also, I learned while visiting the Sto:lo, that both Canada and America are older than everyone thinks, since they were here as long as the first nations peoples were here, but they were unable to grow, because they were not recognised countries until England and France had found them. Well, back then, as Canada says, he didn't even know that he had to be recognised to grow. It came as a shock to him when he began to grow taller, since they hadn't' in the many years before. I don't know why, but when Canada told me that, it made me feel happy.


My favorite place that Canada took me to?

The arctic; to see the sunset. It wasn't that different than the other sunsets, just that it was on an island of Nunavut, but the fact I spent it with Canada and the fact that it made me confess my undying love for Canada, made everything perfect.

Both Canada and I had a very long trek to get here; we were exhausted, after days of walking, of steering canoes and then walking even more in these heavy snowshoes, we had finally made it to the island the farthest to the east. Canada wiped a bead of sweat that was on his forehead, and then sat down in the snow; the thin layer of ice over top of the snow gave way under his weight, and he sank slightly through the snow. I just stared, shocked at how he could sit in the freezing snow, wearing jeans and no snow pants or no jacket to sit on top. Canada had already showed a million times that he didn't mind the cold, but still.. Well I did come from farther south, and I'm not as used to the cold as he is or someone like Russia is. I dropped my coat next to him and sat down on it, also sinking deeper into the snow. Both of us pulled our snowshoes off to give our feet a rest, and we watched the sky in absolute silence. Slowly, the sky turned many different colors as the sun began to disappear over the horizon; pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red… Many colors that looked absolutely beautiful when they were blended in together. The large body of the water made it look much, much more amazing. The only thing more beautiful than this, was Canada himself. I glanced at Canada; his eyes glistened with the exact light that came from the sky. There was no words to describe how peaceful and beautiful he looked. I smiled slightly, and looked back out at the horizon. "…Hey, Birdie.."

"Yes?" Canada's soft-spoken voice said, "What is it?"

I smiled, and decided to confess in the Inuit language, to show him how much I have improved. "Asavakkit."

At that, Canada blushed. "Wh-what?"

"Asavakkit." I repeated, before adding, "I have for a long time, and I always will."

"…Asavakkit." Matthew murmured back. "Forever and always."

I was so caught up in my thoughts, that I didn't even notice that Canada was sitting beside me now, smiling at me as if I was saying all my thoughts out loud. "Prussia?" I was brought back to reality when he said my name.

"Oh! Birdie! I was waiting for you."

He smiled, letting out a chuckle. "I was wondering something.." He murmured after a few moments.

"Yes? What is it?"

"I was wondering…would you like to go to the arctic again with me? I have two weeks off, so…"

I blinked, then grinned. "Of course!"

"Great." His smile widened.

"Asavakkit." I said, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"Asavakkit," He replied, "Forever and always."

Forever and always. It'll always be like that. No matter what.
Asavakkit - 'I love you' in one of the first nations languages; Inuit, I think. :3

This was inspired by the song Echo by Jason Walker, but its not based on it or its not a song fic either XD
The song just randomly gave me the idea even though the story has nothing really do do with the meaning of the song :l

Hope you likey!~
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